Magiczne sesje zdjęciowe psów. Baśniowe sesje plenerowe. Wyjątkowe sesje kobiece oraz dzieci Fotografia psów, dzieci, kobiet- Kobyłka, Wołomin, Warszawa, Marki, Tłuszcz, Zielonka, Ząbki

Częstochowa 21.07 ENG VERSION

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Hello, I invite you to buy photos from Friday’s shows in Częstochowa.

The gallery shows photos WITHOUT PROCESSING.

When you buy a full resolution file [“plik w pełnej rozdzielczości”], you are buying a photo that will be post-processed in Photoshop.

You will not get all photos or RAW files. I give ONLY refined material subjected to original graphic processing that gives the photos a unique, magical vibe.


 I divided the galleries into categories:
  • ✅ FINALS afternoon [full] and mornings [12.45-13.20] = RING HONOROWY

    RING 15 [15.15 – 16.10] + RING 13 [15.10-15.15]


RING 15 [13.24-14.00]

RING 3 + 4 [14.00-15.10]


Individual categories will be added to the gallery gradually, as work on them progresses.

The hours in parentheses are the intervals in which I actually photographed a given area, not the time frame for individual exhibitions.


        • Single – PLN 40 each
        • PACKAGE of 5 shots – PLN 175
        • PACKAGE of 10 shots – PLN 330
        • Extended retouching (removing the leash/collar/redundant elements from the background, retouching the fur, etc.) – about PLN 50-100 — individual valuation after consultation.


        • By using button “opłać” after making order. 
        • Via paypal:
        • Standard transfer – acount number: 54102010130000080202543718 (PKOBP)
  • Remember to put your order number on title.


Additional information equally important 😉
        • The waiting period for ready photos is 14 working days.
        • Posting photos with my logo on the web is NOT mandatory, but I will be very happy if you decide to use this version and/or tag me as the author in the post. 🙂
        • I do not agree to self-editing of mine photos.

    When you buy a package you get a 10 % discount on a full session with me.  😉