Magiczne sesje zdjęciowe psów. Baśniowe sesje plenerowe. Wyjątkowe sesje kobiece oraz dzieci Fotografia psów, dzieci, kobiet- Kobyłka, Wołomin, Warszawa, Marki, Tłuszcz, Zielonka, Ząbki

DOG PHOTOGRAPHY photo session with dog Warsaw, Warszawa, Wołomin


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Spend unforgettable two hours with me and your beloved dog
Together we will create the highest quality images on which I will bring out the beauty and unique character of your dog. These paintings will be perfect to decorate the walls of your home for years.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is purebred, trained, well behaved, what color it is or what age it is..
For me, each dog is unique and remarkable, and my job is to immortalize it in my photographs.
To achieve it I approach each dog individually and adjust the session to the needs of him and his owners.

I guarantee it will be easygoing, casual, joyful, and a fantastic time in friendly atmosphere.
The comfort and well-being of the dog during the session are my PRIORITY.
My work is guided by the idea of positive cooperation, without nerves and coercion.

Every family should have an amazing portrait of their pet.






Because it is a wonderful memento for years!

When your pet’s time comes, a photo where a professional captures your relationships and love will be the best reminder.
Such a picture hanging on your wall will remind you of wonderful moments spent together.

Yes, I know, we have the 21st century and smartphones with great cameras, but admit it to yourself honestly…



  • Are you able to take a photo that perfectly captures the beauty and character of your dog?
    So that your fidgety friend is frozen in motion, the photo is not blurred, and the dog has not had any part of its body amputated?  🙂
  • How long does it take you to capture the perfect moment, expression, open eyes?
  • Can you edit your photos to give them a unique, magical vibe?
  • Are these paintings that you would like to hang on the wall to decorate your home??
  • Or maybe you think that your dog is unphotogenic, and it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to take a good picture of him? 🙂
    Believe me, it is possible with any dog. It’s a matter of skill.
    Over 100 shelter dogs in front of my lens made (as one of the volunteers told me)
    “You will make a cute teddy bear out of every dog.”
    I see beauty in every dog!!


    You can be patient, you can take hundreds of photos of your dog, no matter how much time it will take.
    you won’t take a picture of yourself with him, which will show your bond.




Not everyone can catch THAT moment.

This requires experience, special intuition and the ability to create such an atmosphere that everyone feels comfortable.

Such a photograph, which shows the magic of your relationship, is unique.
There is no more beautiful picture than the bond between a man and a dog.
You just need to immortalize it.
This is an image that will please your eye for years.



To schedule sessions you can:
    • Text me to nr. 784 825 321
    • Text me on Instagram or Facebook
    • mail me

Contact with me is not equal to buying a session, I will gladly dispel all your doubts,
I will create a concept of the perfect session with you and give you time to think if you need it.  🙂



Don’t wait until it’s too late, memories are priceless!
Let’s create beautiful portraits of your pet that truly tell their story.




  • Sessions are performed in Warsaw and the surrounding area..
  • Commuting included in the price up to 20 km from Kobyłka, over this distance it is an additional cost of 1 PLN/km..
  • The session lasts about 2 hours, depending on the conditions and abilities of the dog.
  • We choose the place for the session together. I have a few proven, unique locations.
  • You will not get all photos or RAW files. I give ONLY refined material subjected to original graphic processing that gives the photos a unique, magical vibe.
  • The waiting period for ready photos is 30 working days.
  • Accelerated processing up to 7 working days: + 100% of the price
  • It is possible to buy additional photos for 100 zł each.
  • Printouts are ready for collection by the 10th day of the following month, counting from the date of selecting the shot for printing.
  • Prints are available for personal collection in the studio. Shipping is possible for an additional fee (according to the price list of the selected courier).


You can also buy the session as a gift for your loved one.

Printed voucher you will get for free



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