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Sessions in studio children – FINE ART


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Do you remember those times when beautiful paintings hung in the living rooms of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers – portraits of family members?
Unfortunately, over time, we have departed from this beautiful tradition. Such a session is the perfect way to come back to it.
I believe that there is no more beautiful decoration in the world than an artistic portrait of our beloved child hanging on the wall.


Please join my world where photography is an art with a touch of magic.
I care about every detail. And the pictures I create aspire to photography understood as “WORK OF ART”.


FINE ART sessions are inspired by painting.

They are for people who, like me, have a great appreciation for artistic photography and value the highest quality of photos.
I put my whole heart into the session to create for you masterpieces, stunning timeless portraits that you can’t stop looking at.
Each photo shoot is carefully planned and designed, pictures are hand-edited; it takes me almost an hour or two for each image to create that masterpiece.

It would be an honor to capture your child and create art for you that you can preserve for generations to come. Siblings are welcome too.



Buying such a session, you don’t have to worry about the outfit, poses or props.
I will take care of everything.

  • Before session we talk about you needs and dreams to create whole plan of desirable session specially for you.
  • In my atelier there is a wardrobe full of beautiful accessories and dresses for girls from 1 to 12 years old.
    You can be sure that we will choose the perfect outfit for your child.
  • During the session, I will guide you through the whole process, we arrange the hairstyle together, get to know each other, and during the session I show your daughter how to arrange the body so she it looks as beautiful as possible.


Come into my world and I promise that I will do everything to bring out the magic of your child.




23-year-old photography lover. I fulfill myself in artistic photography, and my workshop has been perfect for 10 years.
The first camera and the idea of becoming a photographer blossomed in my head at the age of 8, but it wasn’t until middle school that I became fully consciously interested in the subject. In 2021, I obtained a bachelor’s degree, majoring in photography, at the Warsaw Film School.

Creativity is my middle name. I love to create, and the highest quality is a must for my work.
It combines art and fun.

I am a HUGE talker, I love people and spend time with them. Working with you is pure pleasure for me. During each session (also during preparations before and working in Photoshop after it) I have a great time. My mission is to make it great fun and a nice time for you too.




  • My photographic atelier is located in Kobyłka at 63 Napoleona Street.
    Kobyłka is very well connected with Warsaw, you can get here very quickly via the ring road s8,
    in 15 minutes by train from Warszawa Wileńska station or by bus from the city centre.

    In addition to a capacious wardrobe, full of beautiful dresses and accessories, the studio also has hand-painted backgrounds. This gives them a unique, painterly character.
    There is also a cozy corner where you can relax on the sofa, eat or drink coffee / tea.
    The studio is, of course, heated and has a bathroom with facilities for children.





Important information::
    • The studio is located in Kobyłka at 63 Napoleona Street..
    • There is a stop of lines L27, L40 and PKP Kobyłka Ossów nearby..
    • The session lasts about 2 hours, depending on the conditions and abilities of the child.
    • You will not get all photos or RAW files. I give ONLY refined material subjected to original graphic processing that gives the photos a unique, magical vibe.
    • The waiting period for ready photos is 30 working days.
    • Accelerated processing up to 7 working days: + 100% of the price
    • It is possible to buy additional photos for 200 zł each.
    • Printouts are ready for collection by the 10th day of the following month, counting from the date of selecting the shot for printing.
    • Prints are available for personal collection in the studio. Shipping is possible for an additional fee (according to the price list of the selected courier).



If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a session, please contact me.



? 784 825 321





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